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The Tragic Death of Amy Winehouse, Hot, Sexy, and Ahead of her Time…RIP

amy-bwinehouse-bfor-bfred-bperry-bby-bbryan-badams-sexy-825504853I know its not current news, or breaking news, but I love music. I love listening to lyrics that artists and songwriter’s pour their soul into. That they feel from the bottom of their bones….Very few people are born with this gift, and even fewer get to live very long having it due to the rock star celebrity scene. They literally can get any controlled substance they want. They have 10-20 doctor’s on call, that will willingly give them prescriptions for anything they like. The government will never investigate stories like these, or look into it much. They know its doing its purpose. The rock and roll / happening music scene is plagued with not only occult practices of people selling their souls to become rich, but also of people that have a serious substance abuse problem, and have serious habits that cannot be broken without some serious withdrawals. This is my tribute article to Amy Winehouse, a true genius, like Van Morrison, Ray Charles, Eric Clapton, Miles Otis, The Jackson 5, she is one of the greats. Not just greats, but legendary, we were just getting to the tip of the iceberg. Something needs to be done to stop what goes on in the illicit hardcore underground music industry. So much needs to be exposed, but no whistle blowers will come forward out of fear for being shunned by the rest of the movie industry, and don’t want to lose the work. Look at Tom Cruise and his scientology stunts, most mainstream producers  didn’t want to even cast him anymore, but money talks, and things change. Now, let’s get more into this Amy Winehouse story of her death….So tragic…The world will never be the same, not just because of the music she made, but also because of the genius we never had a chance to listen to, we have lost something truly special, and now the universe, must mourn its beautiful creation, Amy Winehouse.

The dying of singer Amy Winehouse this year, in the tragically youthful chronological age of twenty-seven, was large news. I recall listening to it and being shocked, and getting a buddy let me know concerning the “27 Club” that Winehouse had the dubious recognition of attaining entry. The title refers that many greatly gifted music artists-including Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison and Kurt Cobain-also died at twenty-seven, a time where so many people are just getting their careers off the floor.
4 years later, Winehouse is getting a cultural moment. A documentary about her existence, simply known as Amy, is on wide release and it has been getting lots of press. Meanwhile, an exhibit in the Contemporary Jewish Museum in Bay Area, Amy Winehouse: A Household Portrait opens a romantic album on Winehouse, permitting us to see her with the lens of her family and Jewish ancestry. Interesting individually, these cultural items are fascinating when seen together, especially because they present different tales about Winehouse.

I understand the terrain by which Amy Winehouse was raised. Like her, I’m a Jewish girl, we was raised mere miles apart along with the same type of working class grandma and grandpa-though unlike her father, mine had upward mobility and managed to get in to the professional class. Still, I too was edgy and a little of the misfit, reading through beyond how old arrive become and taking refuge within the art room at senior high school. Regrettably, I'd none of Winehouse’s vocal talent.
An earlier face of Amy, digital photographer unknown. From Amy Winehouse: A Household Album
An earlier face from Amy Winehouse: A Household Portrait
The exhibition Amy Winehouse: A Household Portrait explores this cultural and physical background. We find out about the importance to Winehouse of Cynthia, her glamorous grandmother who designed a great chicken matzoh-ball soup but tend to hold a grudge like nobody’s business. We discover her paternal family was comprised of exhibitionists-or as Winehouse place it, a “singing, dancing, all nutty musical extravaganza.” We read that they labored challenging right into a exclusive drama school, simply to sabotage herself by acting in class, at some point piercing her ear having a drawing pin.
In my experience, probably the most interesting experience concerns Winehouse’s reading through tastes. Her brother Alex, who organized the exhibition, creates, “Amy gave off a sense of being slightly ashamed about how exactly intelligent she actually was. She’d have a lot of Jackie Collins books laying round the flat, but would hide her Dostoyevsky collection inside a cupboard.” (This dumbing-lower is interesting, and possibly permitted Winehouse to maneuver effortlessly within the music world: it can make me think about books such as the Great Gatsby and Rules of Calmness where male figures make themselves more articulate and complicated to achieve success.) Nor was Dostoyevsky the only real dark-designed author she read: shelves within the exhibit includes Hunter S. Thompson’s Kingdom of Fear, Charles Bukowski’s Notes of the Dirty Old Guy along with a Time-Existence volume known as Serial Murders: Profiles of Today’s most Terrifying Crooks. It appears that, as Winehouse found herself being drawn under by dark forces, she seemed to be using books to try and understand individuals forces better.
In addition to featuring her famous frocks, the exhibition gives understanding of Amy's reading through habits.
In addition to featuring her famous frocks, the exhibition gives understanding of Winehouse’s reading through habits.

amywinehouse-rollingstone2After which, right alongside Serial Murders, we discover another thing: Dear Bunny, Dear Volodya, an accumulation of letters exchanged by novelist Vladimir Nabokov and literary critic Edmund Wilson. Referred to through the Washington Publish Book World as “Two strong-willed literati quarrelling about books, translation, the scansion of verse, pornography and much more,Inches this pick shows Winehouse’s eclectic tastes and intellectual curiosity. Finally, Maria Lewycka’s novel A Brief Good reputation for Trucks in Ukrainian shows her possibly getting in contact with her Eastern European roots, but-fortunately-taking pleasure in a lighter-hearted yarn too.

Winehouse’s intelligence, and her humor, are available through within an essay she authored on her application towards the Sylvia Youthful Theater School. “All my existence I've been noisy, to the stage to be told to seal up,” she starts-possibly not the finest method to conquer a college admissions board, only one that's charmingly honest and funny. She finishes the essay by writing, “mostly, I've this dream to become famous. To operate on stage. It’s a long term ambition. I would like individuals to hear my voice and just… forget their troubles for 5 minutes. I wish to be appreciated to be an actress, a singer, for sell-out concerts then sell-out West Finish and Broadway shows.” Who owns this outsized ambition was eleven years of age at that time.
This is when Amy Winehouse: A Household Portrait and Amy the documentary, directed by Asif Kapadia, diverge. An oft-cited line in the documentary is Winehouse’s response to a reporter’s question as her career was beginning: “How large do you consider you’re likely to be?Inches “I don’t,” she solutions, with increased of this blazing honesty. “I don’t think I will be whatsoever famous. I do not think I possibly could handle it. I'd most likely go mad.” That quote has been utilized to underscore the movie’s thesis, that Winehouse would be a reluctant celebrity who wanted professional possibilities although not fame, and definitely not mega-celebrity.
Clearly it’s an excellent pull quote, however the truth (however defined) might be a little more nuanced. Sometimes the documentary shows an individual who appears to become inviting fame into her existence: she’s pleased to be shot in nearly every condition, including just-awoken with drugs in hands. Amy Winehouse: A Household Portrait also implies that Winehouse was enthusiastic about keeping memorabilia of all the concert and festival she carried out at. She might have thought (presciently) that they couldn’t handle fame, but there's ample evidence to point out she wanted it.

However, countering the exhibition’s presentation of the warm, connected Jewish family we obtain, within the documentary, stunning good examples of parental neglect. Requested about her daughter’s bulimia-the addiction that preceded her drug abuse-mother Janis Winehouse discloses that they understood about this but authored them back as “a phase.” But when Janis seems psychologically tone-hard of hearing and disconnected, father Mitch Winehouse is simply too associated with his daughter. He turns up throughout her Caribbean holiday with a real possibility film crew with you, and chastises her on camera because of not being nice to vacationers. When she badly needs to visit rehab, he recommends her to recognition her professional obligations rather. (That episode, obviously, was the muse on her 2006 mega-hit Rehab.)
Confronted with these different tales, I'm able to only conclude that there have been many sides to Amy Winehouse: the strong extrovert and also the fragile young girl, the reluctant celebrity and also the exhibitionist, the beloved daughter and also the misfit whose parents didn’t understand her. Obviously, there isn’t any conflict within this: we all know right now that individuals are complicated, which opposite forces can exist in one body. However, it might not allow for an engaging through-line to some movie or exhibition to focus on these contradictions.

Soon, there might be much more versions of Winehouse’s existence story. Her father Mitch has known as the documentary Amy “unbalanced” and “misleading,” and states he intends to collaborate with Amy’s ex-boyfriend Reg Traviss on the film which will “tell the reality regarding Amy’s existence.” (Mitch Winehouse has written a magazine known as Amy, My Daughter.) Traviss was questioned for Amy but didn’t result in the final cut, which appears just like a strange omission considering that he was with Winehouse throughout her last years. Rather, we obtain a little an excessive amount of Blake Fielder-Civil, the ex-husband who introduced her to heroin and crack, and who results in like a plausible candidate for that title of World’s Greatest Asshole.
If there is a silver lining to any or all this, it’s that different versions of Winehouse’s existence will be sending people to her music-and it is for the reason that music that they informed her own story most strongly. Take this lyric in early hit What Exactly Is It About Males? about how exactly she unsuccessful to prevent her father’s legacy of infidelity:
Surely I'd never, ever feel it top notch
Emulate all of the shit my mother hated
I can’t help but demonstrate my Freudian fate
My alibi to take your guy
History repeats itself, it does not die
Did Amy Winehouse wish to be famous? Late within the movie, her reliable bodyguard states she told him, “If I possibly could provide all back and walk lower the road no hassle, I'd.Inches As an earlier admission that winning five Grammys was “all so boring without drugs,” this really is heartbreaking. Yet for each artist who’s been driven to drugs, madness and dying by fame, there'll always be 1000's more who frantically want their a quarter-hour. Such is the world. Let’s hope forget about of these finish in the 27 Club.


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sarahjcoleman1d ago
You’re thanks for visiting your opinion, obviously, but when the thing is the documentary I believe you will see a little more nuance than that.

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well yeah, she did coke too. it was not always booze.
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Aw i really like Amy ? I want to begin to see the movie :o

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Great read. I’ve done a respectable amount of research on Amy (although I did not learn about her passion for books). I believe you hit the nail around the mind whenever you discuss how we’re all complex. Existence causes us to be complicated. I can’t imagine it not difficult when you are famous. Looking for real buddies and balance needs to be nearly impossible. It’s sad that they resided this type of short existence. Lots of her lyrics cry out like a lonely girl, wanting a real friend.
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Thanks, Grasping. I believe the documentary is certainly a cautionary tale about fame. It’s no surprise that you will find a lot of dysfunctional celebs, and you've got to admire those who is able to remain healthy!

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She would be a talent gone too early.

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This information is pointed and written wonderfully. As being a battling blogger myself along with a grateful recuperating addict I understand the penmanship it was written with. Continue the great work. Your quest was impeccable. I will tell you appreciate her body of labor yet understand her family and fans.

Rest in Peace Amy Winehouse You will be Missed for Generations.

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