Saturday, December 8, 2012

Holly Marie Combs is beautiful despite everything she has been through, and successful...

Holly Marie Combs was born in San Diego California. Her mother Lauralei Combs was very young when she had Holly. She was only 16 years old and still a minor. Her father, was only seventeen years old. There marriage did not last for more than 2 years after Holly was born. Holly Combs went through many different households with her mother and probably still hurts her to this day. I remember when my mom was moving to different households when she got divorced, and it wasn't easy on us. We had to make new friends at new schools etc. Holly Marie's mother attempted to pursue an acting career and ended up moving to New York. Holly Marie got her first real gig when she was 13 years old.  She stared in the movie 'Sweet Hearts Dance' (1988) and she did a wonderful job. Holly Marie earned the Young Artist Award when she was only 18 for her work she did on the show Picket Fences. Here are some nice pictures I found of her on the internet...

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