Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Laura Vandervoort is Supergirl 'Kara' from Smallville

Laura Vandervoort is a beautiful actress that comes from Canada. She is very beautiful and has been on a number of television series and movies. She is becoming a well established actor and has worked with many famous people, and is even becoming famous herself. I first saw Laura on the television series Smallville which I love. She also appears on the television show "V" which is about reptilian aliens that are trying to take over the world, and can morph into human bodies so that they can go undetected and live among us. She also can kick major ass because she has a second degree black belt in Karate. Be careful what you say about her, and if you are paparrazzi be careful, you might get your ass kicked. For making so much money she composes herself pretty well, and doesn't go out to clubs and get wasted. She is a very talented individual that has all the goods in the right places if you know what I mean. When Laura was growing up she was much like a tom boy and was a part of many sports while she was in school. She was in everything you can think of from baseball, to football. In Maxim magazines 100 hottest women, Laura Vandervoort made the cut, for good reason. Laura is a very diverse actress and I hope that we see more of her in upcoming releases of both movies and television series. Here are some sexy pictures I found of Laura Vandervoort on the Internet...

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