Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Allison Mack from Smallville is Super Freaking Hot

Allison Mack is a very dedicated actress she has been doing Smallville for 10 years now. That is the show with the young super man as he deals with growing up as a teenager. Allison Mack plays Chloe on the show. She is Clark Kent's best friend and she is very smart, or at least her character is. In real life she was born in Germany, and she moved to Long Beach California when she was only 2 years old with her parents. She has been acting since she was very young. She had been getting roles since she was 4 years old. This is pretty impressive. She was studying at the "Young Actors Space" when she was 7 years old. Talk about dedication! She still is taking classes there at the school, and she is doing a damn good job with everything she does. Many people don't know this but she is also a talented singer and dancer as well. Here are some sexy pictures I found of Allison while browsing the net. I hope you enjoy them...

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