Thursday, June 3, 2010

Scarlett Johansson Hot Pictures

This is the HOT CHICK from Iron Man 2. She has been in tons of other movies like eight legged freaks, and Home Alone 3, but she has also done Saturday Night Live appearances, and even guest starred on Robot Chicken on Adult Swim. She was born in 1984 which now officially makes me feel old since i was born in 1983....Oh well i have to die sometime i guess. She is rumored to be in a new movie called "The Avengers" that will be released that is based on the comic books. She has been nominated for 4 golden globes and her time is coming very very soon. I am hoping that new Avengers movie owns. Of course its all rumors anyway, but at the end of Iron Man 2 they did show Thor's hammer so that looks promising...THE TEAM IS ASSEMBLING!

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