Monday, December 3, 2007

Diora Baird played Bailey in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre! Representin Texas WHAT WHAT!

LOL, Yeah so Texas Chainsaw Massacre may be sick movie, but you know it had you scared. That boy leather face running around with a chainsaw, is enough to make you cry if you have HD, and the volume turned all the way up. Anyways, is it just me or is Diora Baird one hot chick?!?! She is bro, and let me tell you what else, you gotta save these pictures to your hard drive. There some of the hottest pictures on the internet. I love chicks. I have to admit Diora Baird is definitely one of the tight ones. Why? ROFL because she has nude pictures on the internet of course. Dude please search google images. Anyways, here are some hot pictures of my girl Diora Baird...

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