Thursday, November 29, 2007

Victoria Pratt from House of the Dead 2 LOL that movie sucked.

So did Brotherhood of Blood. It sucked real bad. But hey atleast Victoria Pratt is so damn hot. I would definitely let her have my kids and call them whatever they want. Hell, she can even pick there favorite color. What does she need from me?@!?!?!? Here are some hot pics

Denise Richards never dissapoints she was in Starship Troopers...

Thats nuff said right there. If you do need more though she was also in Wild Things with that bitch from Scream, you know whats her name. I never have been good with names. But now thanks to google im able to look all these bitches up :-) Enjoy these hot pictures of Denise Richards...

Thalia the latin star! Im not sure who she is or what she does

But damn who cares. Thalia is so hot that officially who cares. I mean look at those buns. Are you seriously trying to think of her accomplishments? You are arent you...Somethings wrong with you.

Rosario Dawson was in Clerks 2

Apart from it being a little cheesy Clerks 2 wasn't that bad. I mean it was funny at times. Anyways, Rosario Dawson is one hot chick. She is so hot in fact i had to find all the hot pictures i could of Rosario. If there are anymore you think i left out be sure to get a hold of me. This chick is so hot, yeah im willing to do that.

Do you know who Amanda Swisten is?

Amanda Swisten was the hooker they had on American Wedding. American Wedding was part of the American Pie series of movies. It was hilarious and i do recommend it. Amanda Swisten is hot and i know everyone wants to see the pictures i have in store. It would be stupid if you didn't. Anyways, if your a Amanda Swisten fan then you have come to the right place

Playing Elektra in The World is Not Enough, Sophie Marceau!

She is so sexy, and there are tons of topless photos of her. Sophie Marceau has been in a lot of movies. A lot of french ones too. Mostly though she has done some pretty cool things. Sophie Marceau was also a princess in Braveheart. Braveheart was an awesome movie! So Sophie Marceau has definitely been a busy girl. We should show her love by posting some sexy pictures she has graced us with. Brace yourself...

Eva Longoria is married to Tony Parker of the San Antonio Spurs!

Eva Longoria was also in Desperate Housewives. It seems though she is more popular for marrying tony parker though. LOL. Anyways, she is hot, and i cannot deny that. She is very sexy, and i don't know why she is going out with Tony Parker's ass. JK TONY PARKER YOUR MY BOY! Here are some hot pictures i found of Eva Longoria. I really do love her.

Entertainment reporter Giuliana DePandi is always looking for the hot story

Giuliana DePandi has played on many movies playing an entertainment reporter. The irony is, she is an entertainment reporter. She does a lot of reporting for E! She is very hot and she was even in maxim magazine. I found plenty of hot and sexy photos so what im gonna do now is share them with you. She is very hot though. You will thank me later. Being a journalist must own though. Imagine all the hookups she has. More than you for sure.