Thursday, December 6, 2007

Alicia Silverstone is so hot and she did a video with Aerosmith

Most forgot, except real fans, but Alicia Silverstone was in bad ass Aerosmith videos. Did one of the guys from Aerosmith sleep with Alicia Silverstone? Alicia Silverstone was also in the movie Clueless, she and all her friends in that movie looked great. Of course with all these great things happening she had to have SOME things not go her way. Don't believe me? She also played Batwoman in a Batman movie. It was terrible it was so bad i don't even remember the full title. That movie blew. I don't recommend it. I do however want you to see these hot Alicia Silverstone pics

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Juliette Lewis can kick vampire ass, and she rocks with The Licks

Yeah she rolls with a band, i haven't heard them but maybe there good who knows. I think she sings for them. Anyways, she was in From Dusk till Dawn. That was a great movie and she played a good part. There are only a couple of chicks that look good killing vampires. She is definitely one of them. She has some topless pics too you can find them on google images. OH YEAH! She was also in Natural Born Killers. That was another hardcore movie that I seriously recommend everyone watch. Anyways, here are some more hot pictures i found of Juliette Lewis.

Monday, December 3, 2007

The Drama Queen April Scott from CSI:Miami

CSI might be a good drama i don't know. I like cop shows like the wire and all that...its just there are so many damn versions of CSI now. I mean seriously. How are you supposed to talk to others about the show? "Oh you seen that new CSI homie?" "Which one bro" "Fugg it" Thats how it would go. I mean the show must be spawned so many damn versions. I rather just stay out of it. Its not even my business. I will say this though April Scott rocks socks if you know what i mean. Shes as hot as a barbecue pit started with gasoline. Rock on April Scott....Here are some hot pics.

Diora Baird played Bailey in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre! Representin Texas WHAT WHAT!

LOL, Yeah so Texas Chainsaw Massacre may be sick movie, but you know it had you scared. That boy leather face running around with a chainsaw, is enough to make you cry if you have HD, and the volume turned all the way up. Anyways, is it just me or is Diora Baird one hot chick?!?! She is bro, and let me tell you what else, you gotta save these pictures to your hard drive. There some of the hottest pictures on the internet. I love chicks. I have to admit Diora Baird is definitely one of the tight ones. Why? ROFL because she has nude pictures on the internet of course. Dude please search google images. Anyways, here are some hot pictures of my girl Diora Baird...

Hilarie Burton from One Tree Hill son.

Ok ive never seen One Tree Hill, what the hell is that about. It sounds lame whatever it is. This girl is what i would like to call a MILF. She probably deserves a better role than that. Hey i could be wrong though, who knows, for all i know there is a cult following around that show and im the one thats missing out. Nahh i am pretty sure the show sucks, i mean cmon, i would have heard about it right? Seriously Hilarie Burton? She was on TRL right? GRRR who knows. Anyways shes hot, so lets see some pictures.

Adrianne Palicki, she came out in Smallville, but she needs to make a good movie

Adrianne Palicki is very hot, the only real thing under her belt is this one episode of Smallville she did. Smallville is a great show. She just needs a movie im serious. This girl can act. I don't know what the problem is. Maybe i just need to become a writer already and school these WGA mofos. Anyways on with the pics i know you like those pictures of Adrianne Palicki. If you don't, bro, seriously close this page. No im serious. Close it. Thats just ridiculous.