Friday, July 24, 2015

Ashley Benson Looking Sexy In a Bikini on The Set of Movie "Spring Breakers"

Ashley Benson career is really starting to take off. Since she has starred in the hit television show Pretty Little Liars her careed has been nothing but success! She is really smart, and she knows how to hold her own. Don't let her sweet, timid, and shy character on Pretty Little Liars fool you, she is nothing like that, well maybe a little. She is also very, very sharp. That is something we can't compare to her character Hannah. Speaking of Pretty Little Liars they should have a new season coming out soon! Stay tuned, I will keep you updated! Here are some really hot pictures I found of Ashley Benson on the internet, she really is hot and sexy!

Ashley Benson showing her sexy butt

Ashley Benson looking really cute with cast of Spring Breakers

Ashley Benson showing some cleavage
Sexy Ashley Benson Showing Her Panties
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Ashley Benson looking sexy showing cleavage, and getting the paparazzi back!

Ashley Benson looking so sexy at a party photo

Ashley Benson showing hot cleavage at the Spring Break Premier

Ashley Benson showing hot cleavage at the Spring Break Premier

Super sexy Ashley Benson showing her Bra on Instagram

Ashley Benson is the girl in the Red Dress from the Matrix...

Ashley Benson Bending Over

Ashley Benson with a see through shirt, and showing panties

Monday, June 24, 2013

Scarlett Johansson Biography and Sexy Hot Photos and Pictures

Scarlett Ingrid Johannson has always been a very beautiful girl. Every picture that I have found even when she is growing up is very pretty. She is just one of those people that can't do anything wrong as far as fashion and looks go. She was born in New York City and her mother's name was Melanie Sloan. Her father's name was Karsten Johansson. When she was growing up her mother and her father both new that she wanted to be an actor. She was in many plays and performances with her school. She has 1 sister, and not many people know this but she has a twin brother. She was born 3 minutes apart from her twin brother. Her sister's name is Vanessa Johannson, and her twin brother's name is Hunter. She has had many star roles in her lifetime and I am sure there will be many more to come. She is a very pretty actress and she has done a great job in "The Avengers", "Lost in Translation", "Ghost World", "Girl with a Pearl Earring" and many others. I suggest you check out those titles and watch her at her best. Here are some super hot and sexy pictures I found of Scarlett Johansson on the Internet.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Hayden Panettiere Stars in Scream 4 Looking Super Sexy

I have to admit when I heard there was going to be a Scream 4 movie I thought it was going to suck in a major way. After all, you would think it would get more and more predictable and you would be able to pick out the killer right off the bat...However with the Scream movies that is almost never the case. I have to admit I was pretty surprised when I found out who the killer was. Don't worry I will shut up about it now so you I don't give anything else away...Another big surprise about the movie was that Hayden Panettiere came out. You know... the blonde cheerleader from heroes? Well I figured it has been a while since I checked up on her so I wanted to post some more up to date pictures I found of her on the internet. She is super hot and she is getting hotter by the year....Check out these hot pictures including some sexy wallpaper....enjoy.